Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Early Potatoes Mean More Sunlight for the Eggplant

We have been growing two rows of potatoes next to the tarp. I guess the tarp wasn't big enough to include the potatoes,,,I don't know since I wasn't privvy to the planting and arranging. I had to beg for eggplant! My husband said that I didn't eat it last year, so he only planted two plants! I'll get even, my pretty!
One of the eggplant plants wasn't getting enough sun, so about two feet of potato plants had to be "sacrificed". Oh, bummer. LOOK AT HOW MANY POTATOES WE GOT! I can't wait to eat them!
Now there is room for my measley two eggplants to grow with sunlight! The sun comes up from the potato side of the eggplants, which shielded them. Now that the potatoes are gone, the eggplants will grow and my husband will be eating plenty of eggplant this year!
The second picture is of a cluster of tomatos. You know the ones you can buy in the store with the stems still on? Well the cluster in this picture has at least ten tomatoes and three more blossoms. They're gonna be delicious!
Have a great Wednesday! Go grow a tarp garden, there's still a little bit of time!

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