Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Tarp Garden is Bursting Forth Beautiful Hot Cherry Peppers

The hot cherry peppers are simply gorgeous! There are enough for the whole neighborhood too!

The RED on these peppers couldn't be any redder! Oh, they are just magnificent!

As a gardener, one knows that when it's time to harvest the crops, Autumn is getting close! But lets not rush the season. This cherry pepper plant has a lot more to give before the frosts of Autumn stop it. Meanwhile, we'll be picking and giving.........and picking and canning...........and picking and drying.

Such beauty can only be provided by Mother Nature! Truely inspirational.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Cucumbers are Up To The Sky!

Perhaps being told that it isn't possible caused the cucumber plants to grow right up that jacob's ladder that I told you about a while ago.

Well look at those cucumbers!

Of course, when growing cucumbers up to the sky, one must be ever mindful of the dangling cucumbers and their weight. However, cucumbers will climb the ladder, they will!

Our brussels sprouts are starting to come on. They are an interesting vegetable. The sprout grows at the main stem and on top of the leaf, right in that nook. They're nearly the size of marbles. Won't be long.

Meanwhile, we are still enjoying cucumbers. The tomatoes are still green, but turning slowly. The hot peppers are HOT! and delicious!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Early Potatoes Mean More Sunlight for the Eggplant

We have been growing two rows of potatoes next to the tarp. I guess the tarp wasn't big enough to include the potatoes,,,I don't know since I wasn't privvy to the planting and arranging. I had to beg for eggplant! My husband said that I didn't eat it last year, so he only planted two plants! I'll get even, my pretty!
One of the eggplant plants wasn't getting enough sun, so about two feet of potato plants had to be "sacrificed". Oh, bummer. LOOK AT HOW MANY POTATOES WE GOT! I can't wait to eat them!
Now there is room for my measley two eggplants to grow with sunlight! The sun comes up from the potato side of the eggplants, which shielded them. Now that the potatoes are gone, the eggplants will grow and my husband will be eating plenty of eggplant this year!
The second picture is of a cluster of tomatos. You know the ones you can buy in the store with the stems still on? Well the cluster in this picture has at least ten tomatoes and three more blossoms. They're gonna be delicious!
Have a great Wednesday! Go grow a tarp garden, there's still a little bit of time!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Of Jalapenos, Tomatos and Sunday Mornings

Good Sunday Morning to You!

The dew was lingering when I went out to the Tarp Garden this morning. It was quiet too. The Tarp Garden Guard followed me through the garden as I checked the plants.

The jalapenos were coming along. They are about half-way grown.

The tomatos were beautiful, but still not big enough for fried green tomatos.

It rained yesterday and again, we don't have to water the plants. Since there are no weeds, there is no work. Therefore, we are heading up to the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for the races. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cucumbers Climbing Jacob's Ladder

The "we'll see" attitude is prevalent in the tarp garden.

We'll see if the cucumbers will climb Jacob's ladder.

Some believe they won't and some believe they will.

We'll see!
One thing I know for sure is that those cukes are delicious!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Water Recycling Rain Barrel Duo Is Just Awesome! And Water Is FREE!

Happy Saturday!
This past Spring, my awesome husband initiated a clean-up of a river bank that has always been known as a place for the homeless to sleep. The first Saturday we hauled out nineteen big black plastic trash bags full of glass one-litre bottles of the cheapest beer found at the drive-thru that was less than a block away. All that glass was recycled. By the time the project was complete for the year, our names had been in two newspapers and my husband had been interviewed several times. He's a hero that way.

That's when I started noticing how much we recycle. I knew we took a recycling bin to the curb each week full of glass, cans, and plastic. I never thought it went much farther though. We do much much more.
One of the things we recycle is rain water. We water the tarp garden with buckets of water filled from the rain barrels. Last year, we had to water the garden twice from our city water source. That's twice all summer that we had to pay for the water we used to water the garden. I don't know what that means in money. I do know that rain water is better than city water. And recycled rain water is free!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Tarp Garden Guard Has to be Vigilant!

The Tarp Garden Guard must be ever-watchful. Things can change in seconds and the Tarp Garden Guard must be ready!

Flipper is our ten year old cat and we've hired him to be the Tarp Garden Guard for another season.

He didn't have a particularly good evaluation last year. He drank all the water before the plants could get it! He was also caught sleeping several times. This year we hope to have better results. I hope he'll cooperate. He's not the most cooperative kitty I've ever met. In fact, he's a "my way or the highway" kitty. Very difficult indeed.

I am happy to report that his work, up to this point, has been satisfactory. No vegetables have turned up missing during his watch. He helps point out where weeds try to come up through the same hole as a good vegetable plant. He usually naps near them!