Saturday, June 20, 2009

Water Recycling Rain Barrel Duo Is Just Awesome! And Water Is FREE!

Happy Saturday!
This past Spring, my awesome husband initiated a clean-up of a river bank that has always been known as a place for the homeless to sleep. The first Saturday we hauled out nineteen big black plastic trash bags full of glass one-litre bottles of the cheapest beer found at the drive-thru that was less than a block away. All that glass was recycled. By the time the project was complete for the year, our names had been in two newspapers and my husband had been interviewed several times. He's a hero that way.

That's when I started noticing how much we recycle. I knew we took a recycling bin to the curb each week full of glass, cans, and plastic. I never thought it went much farther though. We do much much more.
One of the things we recycle is rain water. We water the tarp garden with buckets of water filled from the rain barrels. Last year, we had to water the garden twice from our city water source. That's twice all summer that we had to pay for the water we used to water the garden. I don't know what that means in money. I do know that rain water is better than city water. And recycled rain water is free!

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