Monday, June 15, 2009

YES! We Have Cucumbers!

Over the week-end, we found three cucumbers and they were READY!!

Oh, they were delicious!
The first picture is a yellow blossom. The cucumber is growing right at the base of the flower.
The second picture is one beautiful cucumber almost ready to be plucked!
The third picture is the entire cucumber section of the tarp garden.

The cucumbers were carefully trained to grow up and over a rack. The rack had a former use and was to be thrown away. It was re-purposed and is now the cucumber rack. Things don't have to be brand new in the tarp garden.
You don't need many plants either. I think we have four cucumber plants. That is plenty for us. We are a family of three and our garden supplies us and our neighbors. I take a basket or two of assorted goodies to work as well during the season.
People enjoy home grown produce. When you get a bite of one of these cucumbers, you'll quickly learn why!

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