Monday, June 1, 2009

The Beginning of the Tarp Garden

The Tarp Garden was started when I was pregnant with our sweet baby boy. Christopher will be twenty at the end of this month. The Tarp Garden was started out of necessity. We had always had a garden, but the summer I gave birth, I was unable to get out and weed the garden. I don't think I had ever read The Good Earth, but that's another story.

This man came along one day and offered to weed our garden. My husband quickly jumped on the notion and we paid the stranger twenty dollars for cleaning it up. He only asked for fifteen. There were so many weeds! Wow!

That weed-ridden garden has never happened again.

We till the garden with a front-tine rototiller. We cover the entire garden with black visqueen. Visqueen is an odd word. It is a thin sheet of plastic film and black in color. It is thick enough that it won't tear unintentionally and thin enough to maneuver around in the garden.

We happen to have a number of red bricks because my husband is in the construction business. He can't bear to dispose of old brick when a house is torn down, so they come home to our house.
They're handy as we use them to hold down the visqueen.

Marking the rows is next,,,,but we are tired right now and need to rest. Stay tuned.

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  1. hope to see pictures of this. i saw you followed my blog today so i thought i would come by and check your blogs out. caught my attention because i try to find odd weeding jobs to do and charge $15 and hour :) I've never heard of a tarp garden!