Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rows for the Tarp Garden Should Be STRAIGHT

Our late friend Grampa always sparred with us when it came to our gardens. He would plant his garden and tell us how to make sure the rows were straight. We would plant our garden and tell him how fast the tomato plants were growing. Whenever it got down to putting up or shutting up the arguments would die down and we'd focus on something else, like solving the world's problems. We've been missing him. He was 87 and he lived a good life too.

I guess straight rows are important and maybe for no other reason than for the sake of organization. In the tarp garden, before putting down the tarp, one should trapse through the garden to make two ditches with a hill of sorts in the middle. We have called it, "stomping the rows". It's just our way of making the rows. The area that is stomped becomes the ditch that allows the gathering of any excess water. As soon as the rows are stomped the entire garden is covered up with the tarp. The straight rows are revealed as we lay down the bricks in the ditches.

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